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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another sleepless night … thoughts racing in my mind while fatigue’s attacking the body, insomnia is keeping my eyes open. However, tonight is special because God answered a question for me. The thing is, I've never inquired, at least, out loud … hmm. I've probably talked to friends about it, but never directly said “God, why do I feel your presence more during the wee hours of the night when others are sleeping? Why do I feel more inspired to express my love, trust and hope in You in written form while sitting alone in the shadows of the night?”

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Though I've passed typing tests with speeds over 100 w.p.m I can’t press the keys fast enough to get my thoughts of God’s revelation recorded. I’m happy enough to cry. If I thought I wouldn't wake anyone else in the house, I’d sing and dance. Honestly, I’m slightly disappointed in myself for not figuring this one out on my own, it’s an obvious answer. Those who know me know I don’t sleep well at night. And those who know me better are aware my hours of sleeplessness tend to be spent on the computer, writing. If you’re a regular on Reflections of Hope facebook page, facebook.com/reflectionsofhope, you've often read in a post … last night “I was up writing with God.” And now I understand why the wee hours of the night is “our special time.”

I met God for the first time at night. I was a little girl hurt, scared and He comforted me. He stayed with me

until the light of the day peaked through the sides of the window blinds. God didn't abandon me – He came back every time I needed Him. I heard a voice speak to me, I felt a touch and I sensed calming strength. Granted I was a small child no more than four or five years old. I didn't have prior exposure to the Lord so there wasn't an understanding of who He was, but I knew God couldn't be bad. He made me feel safe in the midst of fear. It didn’t take long for me to learn to trust the feeling of security I felt.

This is the reason I speak daily of the goodness of God. I have a personal relationship with Him and want that for you too. He’s there for each of us during our times of fear and need. He’s also with each of us when we celebrate our joys. Our Heavenly Father stays with us every day and each night. Though the reason God and I write together most nights escaped me for quite some time, it makes perfect sense. I’m thankful for His companionship and the words that show up on the page when I’m sitting at the computer. I’m filled with gratitude to be His child.

Luke is the attributed author of the Book of Acts. In the 17th chapter he tells us God is the Lord of heaven and earth. God’s the one that breathed life and breath into each of us and He did this so we’d seek Him and reach out to find Him knowing full well He’s not far from us. He’s always close to me … and you. It makes me think of the song I learned as a child “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”
That He does my friends.

This is why I always reflect in hope … won’t you join me?
The original story of God coming to me in my childhood is written as a devotional titled 'Under the Bed' in The Benefit Package published by CrossRiver Media Group available to purchase through this link.
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Sharon Spiegel August 5, 2013 at 8:47 PM  

Loved reading this, Karen. God has often spoken to me when I'm in the bathroom. I think its because everything is shut out. I'm behind that locked door. He's answered so many questions for me there. Sometimes He just whispers something that I can't even put into words to explain to anyone else, but its so real to me. The middle of the night wouldn't be good for me, I sleep too soundly and am blessed to fall asleep and stay asleep. Guess even the Lord would have trouble waking me up, lol.

Karen August 5, 2013 at 8:55 PM  

I often joke that God talks to me when I'm in the shower. He always has my attention between shampooing and conditioning. Night time, however, is different - special - when we write together. Thank you for commenting on this post.

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